Our Commitment to You

DIRECT RESPONSIBILITY: Negotiate honestly.  Strive to build a better business relationship.  Sell services that are capable of being executed and will be honored by all parties.  Maintain lawful confidentiality.  Provide written transit times that can clearly be achieved.  Maintain rates in an accessible manner, and respond to rates or conditions of service request promptly.  Clearly communicate the rates and conditions of service including any limitations.   Provide equipment that is clean dependable and in good condition in accordance with commitments.  Don’t incur avoidable expenses.  Operate company in accordance with official rules, safety, insurance and other regulations to minimize risk to carriers, shippers, receivers, drivers and public at large.

TO YOUR PERSONNEL: Give clear instructions to your employees on service and contract requirements expected.  Treat fellow personnel with courtesy and respect and access to clean and comfortable working facilities.  Provide them with an environment that is free of harassment and discrimination.  Encouragement to accept employee suggestions on service improvement opportunities, personnel appropriately dressed to look and act as professionals.

EXPEDITE MOVEMENT: Bear the responsibility or assist in loading and unloading when trained to handle the specific equipment or cargo.  Train for prompt loading/unloading when arriving to keep on scheduled timeframe.  Do not unreasonably refuse to reschedule appointment if circumstances change.  Educate customer operational guidelines, including actions where customers aren’t at risk.  Provide explicit written guidelines incorporating policy and procedures.  Keep them well informed.

SAFETY AND LAIBILITY:  Cooperate with providers to establish reasonable transit time requirements so carriers can comply with hours of service regulations and limits of speed.  Comply with legal regulations of size and weight; equipment will not knowingly be overloaded.  Clearly inform of any temperature control requirement. Communicate any site-specific hazards and/or safety requirement that may be present at loading or offloading facility. Respect opinions regarding ones safety and procedures that need to be followed. Keep your equipment clean and discard debris at disposal facility when available and only after requesting permission from the shipper or receiver.  Expedite accurate paperwork.    Cooperate in loading/unloading that arrive early or late.

MAINTAIN SAFETY: Inspect materials as required to operate in accordance with all rules and regulations.  Observe restricted areas, safety practices, and any requirement for wearing protective devices.  Inspect all cargo and load-securing devices prior to departure and periodically during the course of transpiration as may be practical.  Relay any evident adjustments to be made that are necessary to maintain the security of the load.

BE HONEST AND FAIR: Strive to build solid business relationships by negotiating honestly, disclosing value of cargo being tendered.  Select providers and routing decisions based upon service, price and performance that will benefit the shipper and its customers.  Never offer or solicit gifts or favors in return for preferential treatment in rates, availability of equipment, delivery of products, or approval of claims. Treat shipping and receiving personnel with courtesy and respect by keeping scheduled appointments.

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